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The Consulate offers an unparalleled dining experience in an elegant setting.

Driven by the desire to provide the finest cuisines and outstanding hospitality—for our guests and our employees—we offer a setting where people truly care about one another, and show it in everything they do. The high level of respect, professionalism and enthusiasm that runs through our entire organization enable us to provide the best service that any fine establishment could offer. We sincerely believe that only the finest ingredients are to be used in order to make the ideal perfect dish for our customers. By combining such fine products with our skilled chefs, we ensure that our dishes will satisfy our guests’ palate and expectations.

Reserve to make the perfect and exquisite setting for a perfect fine dining rendezvous.

The timeless elegant Spanish architectural was built in the year 1914 by a Portuguese Brazilian architect during Dutch rule. It was first used as a residential home. The property changed ownerships a few times and in 1967 till 2013 it functioned as both the Surabaya branch of the General Consulate of France and the French Cultural Center (CENTRE Culturel et de Cooperation Linguistique), which is also known as CCCL. Many of these priceless architectural properties still remain in superb condition till today. In the recent years, the building is declared as a protected heritage building by the city government.

The Consulate offers you an unparalleled dining experience.